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Discover the Mystique of Trøllkonufingur

Welcome to Trøllkonufingur

Welcome to the captivating sight of Trøllkonufingur, a striking natural monument on the Faroe Islands that stirs the imagination. Known as the Witch’s Finger, this towering rock formation, standing at 313 meters, is steeped in myth and shrouded in the mystery of Faroese folklore. Located near the village of Sandavágur on Vágar Island, Trøllkonufingur has become a symbol of the islands’ rugged and dramatic landscape.

The name Trøllkonufingur itself tells a tale from ancient times, hinting at legends of witches and trolls that are an integral part of the Faroese cultural heritage. This imposing monolith, rising defiantly from the sea, serves as a reminder of nature’s power and the ancient stories of the land.

Visitors to Trøllkonufingur are often awestruck by its sheer size and the aura of mystery that surrounds it. The sight of the Witch’s Finger, whether viewed from afar or up close, is a memorable experience, offering a glimpse into the wild, untamed beauty of the Faroe Islands. It’s a must-visit for those who seek to explore the intriguing blend of natural wonder and myth that defines this unique corner of the world.

Picture of trøllkonufingur

Hike to Trøllkonufingur


Embarking on the hike to Trøllkonufingur offers an opportunity to engage closely with the captivating landscapes of the Faroe Islands. The trail to this iconic rock formation is an adventure that promises both challenge and reward.

As you ascend the path leading to Trøllkonufingur, the surrounding scenery unfolds with breathtaking views of the coastline and the village of Sandavágur. The hike becomes a journey through varying landscapes, featuring grassy slopes and rocky outcrops, each offering its unique perspective of the island.

Reaching the viewpoint near Trøllkonufingur is a moment of awe. The rock formation stands tall, dominating the seascape. This vantage point provides a perfect place to pause and absorb the magnificent views of the Witch’s Finger against the backdrop of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The hike to Trøllkonufingur is not just a physical journey, but an exploration into the heart of Faroese natural beauty and folklore. It’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of adventure in the Faroe Islands.

More information about the hike and route

Good to know

  • Weather Conditions: The weather in the Faroe Islands can be unpredictable and change rapidly. Check the forecast and be prepared for sudden shifts in weather, including strong winds and rain. Check the weather

  • Proper Gear: Wear sturdy hiking boots as the trail can be rocky and uneven. Also, carry waterproof and wind-resistant clothing to adapt to changing weather conditions.

  • No Facilities on Route: There are no facilities along the hike, so bring enough water and snacks. Also, ensure you have all necessary safety gear and a first-aid kit.

  • Respect the Environment: Stay on marked paths to protect the local flora and fauna. Trøllkonufingur is part of a delicate ecosystem, so it’s crucial to minimize your environmental impact.

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