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New Tour - Evening Boat Tour to Drangarnir & Múlafossur

Discover the Faroe Islands at Dusk: Bluegate’s New Evening Tour

Bluegate is excited to launch a captivating new Evening Tour, offering a fresh perspective on the Faroe Islands’ iconic landscapes. Running from 19:30 to 20:30, this tour lets you experience the stunning beauty of Drangarnir, Múlafossur Waterfall, and Tindhólmur under the enchanting evening sky.

A RIB boat under múlafossur waterfall, very scenic view. The boat is from Bluegate

A Tranquil Voyage Through Majestic Scenery

New Tour - Evening Boat Tour to Drangarnir & Múlafossur

This exclusive one-hour tour is a perfect opportunity to see some of the most picturesque locations in the Faroe Islands as they are illuminated by the evening’s soft light. The calm of the evening enhances the majestic presence of the sea stacks and waterfalls, providing a serene setting ideal for those seeking a more peaceful experience.

Why Choose the Evening Tour?

The evening light brings a different dimension to the Faroe Islands’ landscapes, offering softer lighting and a quieter atmosphere compared to the busier daytime. It’s an excellent time for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers to capture the islands in a unique light, with fewer tourists and more tranquility.

New Tour - Evening Boat Tour to Drangarnir & Múlafossur

What to Expect

Photograpers Tour

Guests on our Evening Tour will enjoy:

  • Serene Evening Light: Witness the landscapes as they are gently illuminated by the late evening light, creating a soft and beautiful scene.
  • Peaceful Atmosphere: Take in the tranquility that descends over the islands in the evening, providing a more intimate and reflective experience.
  • Rich Photographic Opportunities: The unique evening light is perfect for capturing stunning photos without the harsh midday shadows.

Book Your Spot on This Unique Tour

The Evening Tour is offered for a limited period, presenting a rare opportunity to explore the islands’ famed landmarks in the evening hours. With limited seating available, early booking is recommended to ensure your place on this exclusive tour.

Experience a different side of the Faroe Islands with Bluegate’s Evening Tour. For more information and to reserve your journey, visit Bluegate.fo – Book Now.