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Mykines Boat Tours Starting Soon!

Start of Mykines Tours on June 1st, 2024: A Perfect Season to Spot Puffins

As the Faroe Islands greet the warmer days, Bluegate is thrilled to announce that our beloved boat tours to the enchanting island of Mykines will commence on June 1st, 2024. Known for its vibrant puffin colonies, Mykines offers a remarkable opportunity for visitors to experience these charismatic birds up close in their natural habitat.

A Haven for Puffin Enthusiasts

Mykines, the westernmost of the Faroe Islands, is a sanctuary for thousands of puffins, known for their colorful beaks and playful behavior. During the summer months, the island becomes a bustling nursery for puffins as they come ashore to breed and raise their young. The start of the season in June is perfectly timed to coincide with the peak of puffin activity, providing an unparalleled wildlife watching experience.
Picture of puffin with fish in mouth

Embark on a Journey to Puffin Paradise

Bluegate’s tours are specially designed to offer an intimate yet respectful glimpse into the lives of the puffins of Mykines. Our knowledgeable guides ensure that visitors not only enjoy the stunning views but also learn about the ecological significance of these birds and the island’s unique biosphere.

Sustainable and Respectful Tourism

Committed to sustainable tourism, Bluegate emphasizes the importance of conducting tours in a manner that respects the natural environment and the wildlife of Mykines. We follow strict guidelines to minimize disturbance to the puffins and other native species, ensuring that our visits contribute positively to the preservation of this extraordinary ecosystem.

Plan Your Adventure

As the tours are expected to fill quickly, prospective visitors are encouraged to book their spots early to secure their chance to witness the natural beauty and wildlife of Mykines. The tours will run daily from June 1st, providing numerous opportunities to explore this idyllic location.

Don’t miss this chance to connect with nature and create lasting memories in one of the most picturesque settings in the North Atlantic. Book your spot on the boat here!

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