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We accept the following cards on all our boat tours:

Mastercard, VISA, Discover, Diners club, JCB and Dankort.

Yes you can. It will only get wet if its raining and not by spray from the fjord. You can always bring a drybag for it.

You can book by clicking here, or click on the page called  “BOOK NOW”.

You have to dress for the season.  Even in the summer this can be a cold experience. We recommend you to dress warm for all seasons but especially during winter.

On all boat tours it is required to arrive for check in 20 minutes before departure. This is for, getting your names on our passenger list and giving a safety briefing before departure.

If you are late please contact us.

We do not have an age limit on our boat tours, but we do however recommend our winter visitors to not bring very small children on the tour, as they can get quite cold (recommended 6 years and above).

Safety is our number one priority. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory and will be supplied to each person. Safety briefing is held before each departure. All required emergency equipment is onboard and checked regularly.

Check our fleet here.

Our boat tours will still go if it is raining. 

Safety first


Lifevests for all passengers and crew


The crew is fully certified, and are fully trained for emergency situations


Lifefrafts with space for all passengers and crew.


Our boats are certified for passengers. And fully equipped for emergency situation


Yearly  “Man Over Board”  training/exercises


Safety Briefing before every tour